Duration of the exhibition: 8th of September–20th of October 2023

Opening: 8th of September 2023, Friday 1800, Transylvanian Art Center, third and ground floor
The exhibition will be opened by its curators - sculptors Péter Madaras and Zoltán Hosszú - and Beáta Bordás PhD, coordinator of the Transylvanian Art Centre.

Curators: Péter Madaras, Zoltán Hosszú

Brief description of the exhibition:
The biannual Transylvanian Contemporary Art Salon, offers a showcase for Hungarian artists under the age of 50 living or born here in Transylvania. As one of the curators of the exhibition, Péter Madaras, says in the introduction to the catalogue: “Through the lenses of Transylvanian artists, the exhibition tries to present a comprehensive picture of contemporary artistic endeavors today, juxtaposing those who draw from Transylvanian roots or experiences and those who strive for the most contemporary universal standards in their art.”

The second edition of the Transylvanian Contemporary Art Salon adds another thirty-five artists to the repertoire of young artists in Transylvania, in the context of the déjà vu phenomenon another thirty-five artists are given exhibition space. The title of the exhibition and the invitation refer to the aspect of the creative process through which eternal, universal themes, ideas and phenomenons reappear or return again and again. The resulting exhibition has a completely different atmosphere from the previous one, entitled INSTINCT. The works on display are perhaps more mysterious and the techniques used more varied.

Exhibiting artists:
Márta ADORJÁNI, Malvina ANTAL, Imola ÁBRAHÁM, Emese BÁCS, Zsolt BERSZÁN, Imre BERZE, Andrea CĂBUZ, Enikő DACZÓ, Barna ÉLTES, Emőke FÁBIÁN, Ildikó FAZAKAS, Zoltán FERENCZ, Levente HORVÁTH, Gábor KENTELKI, Adrian KISS, Hanna Éva KOLUMBÁN, Kund KOPACZ, Kinga KOVÁCS, Lehel KOVÁCS, Hajnalka LÁSZLÓ, Péter MADARAS, István MÁRIÁS aka Horror Pista, László MÁTHÉ, Andrea NAGY, Alpár PÉTER, Fruzsina SIKLÓDY, Tünde SIPOS GAUDI, Ábel SZABÓ, Anna-Mária SZABÓ, Csongor SZABÓ, Sándor SZÁSZ, Tünde SZÁSZ, Attila TAMÁS, István ZAKARIÁS, Béla ZOLTÁN

Organizers: Town Hall of Sfântu Gheorghe, Transylvanian Art Center Association
Sponsor: Bethlen Gábor Foundation

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